Veena Malik Western Style White Wedding Dresses 2014

Bollywood actress Veena Malik dream has been complete now and Veena Malik white wedding dresses 2014 is very elegant and beautiful. Veena Malik has launched her western white wedding dresses 2014 for young girls and women.

She walked along with her husband Asad Basheer Khatak and still they live in US at the brother in law house, and they celebrate her marriage vacation. No doubt Veena Malik get not live without media, because they a lot love media news. Today she gives white wedding dresses 2014 for her fans; she got marriage again with her husband Asad basher according to the western style.

In US guests were served with seafood despite them also break the cake for her wedding ceremony. Recently they had celebrate her 30 birthday on 26 Feb, birthday is also celebrated and also telling on Geo News.

Bollywood actress Veena Malik has said that she could not describe her pleasure in words. Well Pakistani actress Veena Malik or other Pakistani actresses performs her skills, and they have been proved that they were not left to anyone and all of the excellent stars.

Dubai businessman Asad Basheer Khatak wife Veena Malik gives her white wedding dresses 2014 for young girls and women. Hopefully you will like them and told me your review this post. Well all of Veena Malik white wedding dresses 2014 are very exclusive.

Today these Veena Malik and Asad basher second marriage with her husband according to the western cultural. Several American artist and actresses has participate Veena Malik second marriage ceremony.

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